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Featured Classes

MY Mommy & Baby

Designed for moms to gently rebuild muscle strength connect with baby in a calm and tranquil setting. Prepare to have fun and  meet other like-minded women who are seeking balance with young children. Moms are free to rock, change, feed or walk baby during class.

MY Prenatal Yoga

This adults-only class is designed for expectant moms and those trying to conceive. Before attending, it is recommend to discuss with your doctor about the benefits of a healthy yoga practice and any risks involved with your pregnancy.

MY Mommy & Toddler

This 45-minute, Mommy-Toddler class combines yoga games, songs and stories to incorporate big and small movements for both mom and child in a fun and playful setting.

MY Yoga Playgroup

This crazy fun hour encourages moms and kids to build healthy, friendly relationships with each other and others in the group through the many branches of yoga.

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